• Cinnamon-breasted bunting
  • Burchell's starling
  • African openbill
  • Shaft-tailed whydah
  • African fish eagle
  • Tawny eagle
  • African Harrier hawk
  • Batrleur
  • Robin
  • Siskin
  • Coal Tit
  • Blue Tit
  • Thelephora terrestris
  • Common porecrust
  • Dead Man's fingers
  • leotia lubricea
  • Spongiporus caesius
  • Coriolopsis trogii
  • Dead Moll's Fingers
  • Slate grey saddle
  • Cribraria Macrocarpa
  • Hymenoscyphus sp.
  • Coral slime mold
  • Arcyria cinerea_1


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