2020 Autumn issue, fullpage Vogels from the Vogelbescherming.

2019 December issue, frontpage Birdwatch magazine

2019 Autumn issue, in NaarBuiten magazine from StaatsBosBeheer

2018 June / July
Publication / promotion Red listed birds in the Netherlands by Vogels from the Vogelbescherming.

2017 October
Interview in Natuurfotografie website by Roeselien Raimond

2017 October, Spread in NaarBuiten magazine from StaatsBosBeheer

2017 October
Cover Dutch Birdmagazine Vogels from the Vogelbescherming.

Several photos are used in Birdsounds Europe App 

2016 December
Cover Dutch Birdpagazine Vogels from the Vogelbescherming.

Div publications in between

March 2013

Published with a pair of Black-necked Grebes in Fifty Years of Cheshire's Wildlife



January 2013

published in National Geographic Magazine


January 2013

12 of my photos are used in an  iPhone app:

Birds PRO Nothern America

Read fascinating information and learn facts about 1029 North American bird species; browse more than 3000 professional PICTURES of birds; listen to a variety of CALLS AND SONGS. Collect your sightings and observations with GPS coordinates, bird characteristics, and further notes.

Soon also available as Android app.



December 2012

Limosa 85.3 2012
Published a male Northern Goshawk

November 2012

First place DPreview photo contest sparrows.



Oktober 2012

Several photos are used for a new iPhone bird app which will be released end 2012 / begin 2013


August 2012

Book: Fifty Years of Cheshire's Wildlife" with a pair of Black-necked Grebes with the male courtship-feeding the female

By: Chairman, Cheshire Wildlife Trust: David Norman




May 2012

exhibition in the South African ambassador's residence with 2 Bee-eater photo's for Mandela day

Organized by: David Nowell (Italy)




April 2012

Many photos placed at photo stock


March 2012


3 photos are selected by Google to getting used into google new Chrome book


February 2012


Month winner at DDN


December 2011

20 photo's used in nature field guide for the municipality of Amersfoort



July Issue Zoom magazine 2011



Front cover Issue May 2011 "Archeaopteryx Veterinaris


January - May 2011
Following photo where selected for  the "Hal of Fame" and probably for the Book HoF 2012from





Spring Edition 2011

Olympus User magazine United Kingdom,



January 2011

Japanese Drawing, chosen as Photo from the year 2010 at the Challange of challenges 2010.

Japanese Drawning


December 2010


Olympus User magazine, Winter Edition.


December 2010


Nature magazine "Grasduinen"

October 2010

For 2011 is there a Dutch birding (Vogel Bescherming) calendar and a Nature Agenda where a photo from flying sparows are published in.

Sept 2010

This month 2 winners in the challenge. See below and the third was a HOF (Hal of fame) at the website.





June 2010

This photo won the Olympus's best tales ( I ) and was invited to enter the Reviewing and challenging the best tales ( I ). Here only winners from other best tales from other brands could enter. Again These Japanese drawings look alike won.

Japanese Drawning

May 2010

The photo below was published in the camera/nature ev magazine


May 2010

Again one of my photo's has won an Olympus's best tales ( I ) at DPreview. This time it is the Japanese look alike drawing photo from 2 tree sparrows.

Japanese Drawning

May 2010



November 2009

At 22 November the following photo was the winner of a contest done at There where 509 entries and there were 10957 voters

June 2009

One of my Purple moorhen pictures is placed in a local newspaper. This bird is probably an escape but without a ring.


In May 2008 there was a publication of a photo which I took at the Open Netherlands Discus Championship… this photo was published in the Wholesale Pet Association Magazine.


February 2008

In the February 2008 issue of Camera Magazine, there was a 4 page long interview about me.

August 2007

We were looking for some Kingfishers one day in August when suddenly we saw a whirlwind.
From the Dutch point of view, this was a huge funnel wind to see on land! I sent some captures of this tornado into Dutch Television and they were shown the same evening!

A special online photo gallery maintained by Pentax invited me to post some of my photos before their site went online. See my gallery here: Pentax Photo Gallery



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